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Industry Background
The MoEE is the primary government agency responsible for the oil and gas sector . In most cases since 2011, the awarding of blocks has been made by international tender. On 17 January 2013, MOGE announced a new bidding round for 18 onshore blocks; three IPRs and 15 PSCs. Bidders were required to include a minimum of one Myanmar nationally owned company registered with the EPD. The deadline for filing expressions of interest was 16 March 2013, and 59 bidders were shortlisted. Sixteen onshore blocks were awarded to 10 contractors in October 2013. On 11 April 2013, MOGE announced a new bid round for shallowwater blocks (11 PSCs) and deep-water blocks (19 PSCs). Bidders for shallow offshore blocks must include one Myanmar nationally owned company. Bidders for deep offshore blocks may include a Myanmar nationally owned company. The deadline for filing expressions of interest was 14 June 2013, and 61 bidders were shortlisted. Twenty offshore blocks were awarded to 13 contractors in March 2014. On 7 May 2015, MOGE announced that another bidding round would not begin until 2016 at the earliest but did not disclose how many onshore or offshore blocks it would make available.

At present, there are 17 onshore blocks and three main offshore blocks in production. Output from these fields were estimated at approximately 9,631bbl/d in 2018. The offshore Yadana (Total, Chevron and PTTEP) and Yetagun (Petronas, Nippon Oil and PTTEP) natural gas projects began production in 1998 and 2000 respectively under gas sales contracts to the Thai state oil company PTT. Yadana produces natural gas of approximately 800Mmcfd, while Yetagun produces an average of 3,131bbl/d of condensate together with natural gas of around 160Mmcfd for processing at Thanlyin Oil Refinery. In addition, the offshore Shwe (Posco Daewoo, plus four partners including MOGE) natural gas project commenced production and sales in 2013 to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and MOGE and produced natural gas of approximately 400Mmcfd in 2018. The offshore Zawtika (PTTEP and MOGE) commenced production and sales in March 2014 to PTT and produced around 300Mmfcsd of natural gas in 2018. MOGE is reported to be planning to begin the next bidding round before September 2019. The round will include 18 onshore and 15 offshore blocks. Possible revisions to standard PSC contract terms are under consideration.